~Chelsea College of Arts~

Before I became a party caricaturist, I learned a lot about what to forget. Here are a few sketches of the tutors when I was at art school; back then it was called Chelsea College of Art & Design...

David Morgan ~ Inspirational graphics guru and knuckle-gnawing genius. Gave godly lecture and frequently high on Lemsip.

He left Chelsea in 2010 to write a book about his relationship with Iris Murdoch. We're still in touch, and he's still inspirational.

Angela Braven ~ Hugon Road's Drawing Mistress. Once called a chalk pastel life drawing of mine "slime". I'd used my fingers to smear the pigment around to create too-smooth shadows, resulting in...slime!

Colin ~ Head of printmaking at Bagley's Lane.

Extraordinarily grumble.

Just Dave.

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